Friday, October 26, 2007

Britney goes topless in her new video

Troubled Britney Spears reveals a whole lot more in uncensored outtakes from the racy new video to her single 'Gimme More' - as the singer is seen completely topless.

The previously unseen shots show a bra-less Britney in her role as a tattoo-clad pole dancer, with her arms across her chest, and her modesty barely protected by a pair of 'nipple flowers'.

The raunchy promo, said to be completely Britney's "concept and her vision" was directed by Jake Sarfaty, according to American magazine People.

The first-time director was "hand-picked" by Britney to make the 4-minute clip which sees Britney play dual roles as a racy pole dancer and a blonde onlooker watching the raunchy girlie show.

The new song is now a success on the music charts - despite the pop star's turbulent personal life and the humiliation of her much-panned performance at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Enjoy the uncensored video here

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