Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pete Wentz sex tape exposed

ASHLEE Simpson won't be too happy when she sees raunchy footage of her boyfriend, Peter Wentz, getting naked with another girl.But the Fall Out Boy guitarist won't be in too much trouble as he was only acting out a sex scene in his movie, Goodnight Moon, with actress Bonnie Muirhead.Some tried to pass the footage off as a sex tape of Wentz and Simpson's after it made its way onto the internet. But Wentz was quick to reveal the truth."Just wanted to put the word out on the streets/the internet. there is no pete wentz sex tape in existence. about a year and a half ago i took part in an indie gore/horror short film as a favor to my friend nathan- called goodnight moon. either way im not into being an actor or having a sex tape either sooooooooo, hopefully u can deal with it...." writes Wentz.The film centres around a runaway and her boyfriend (Wentz) who break into a home and hold a man hostage.The footage shown is quite naughty, so those easily offended should not watch.

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