Thursday, December 13, 2007

Janki Shah topless clip from Shaque

When she went topless, little did she or her producer Vinod Chhabra ever realized they were about make Bollywood a bonanza for topless scenes! The censor board is close to making a decision and it seems they will approve. If that happens, a series of topless scenes will become norms in Bollywood. She is ready to do more and so is others especially Indian expatriate models.
“It’s difficult for me to think of going topless for any film or magazine. Although the Indian audience has become far more liberal than before, we still have to keep in mind the social values and traditions with which we have been brought up. I have already done whatever bold scenes I could do and I can”t go beyond that. I have decided that I won”t cross my limits. I will only expose to the extent where it is not uncomfortable for me to sit and watch the film with my family,” says Meghna Naidu.
This is typical of Indian film entertainers. They forget they perform for entertainment and it is their profession to perform.

Although, these will change once the expatriate models come to limelight. They will integrate sex and passion with mainstream Bollywood.

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