Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tamannah's Creamy milky waist

Milk white beauty Tamannah had a bitter experience at the 57th Idea Awards recently. The milky beauty was invited as a guest of honor for the press conference of film fare awards. The actress was seen promoting the event with her angelic smile, which costs a billion for many male youngsters.

It is reported that after the event, Tamannah was walking towards her car, when a youth tried to pinch her on her waist. It is reported that she was saved in the right time when one of the security personel observed the wole situation and took control of it.

However, the youth succeeded in pinching Tamannah, but could not precede more. It is now a regular nuisance for celebrities while attending functions of mass gatherings. Leaving aside the males, the female stars are majority targeted by some psycho maniac males. The last time it was shriya saran's bad experience at tirupathi temple and now it is Tamannah.

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